AM/FM/GIS Software

PRODUCT Maptoss Viewer & Maptoss Editor are AM/FM/GIS software, currently in version 1.0.0 is now in beta release phase. Maptoss products are based on open source technologies and build on web platform. It is a low-cost solution and is configurable and customizable application. The product is designed to help Public safety organisations like Police and Hospitals and also utility companies like GAS, ELECTRIC, WATER and TELECOM to manage utility network.

Maptoss Viewer

This system to design and manage utlities on GIS is build on OpenLayers API, PHP and Postgres-PostGIS Database. It provides easy interface for GIS projects, no installation hassles on client machines, fully web based product and database centric. The system will be pre conīŦgured for Electric, Gas, Fiber/Copper through database metadata.

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